A case of a patient with autistic spectrum disorder finding employment after training in an employment support center for the handicapped

[Speaker] Tsuchiya, Keiko:1
[Co-author] Tani, Asumi:2, Takei, Yuko:1, Kanayama, Yuri:1, Ono, Kenichi:1, Ishigaki, Akemi:3, Hada, Tsutomu:2, Futagami, Masagazu:2
1:Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare (Japan), 2:Heart Switch Co.,Ltd (Japan), 3:Shujitsu University (Japan)

This study aimed to report a case where a man in his twenties with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) obtained employment in a company after training in an employment support center, and explore the factors contributory to the results.
When he was a university student, he was diagnosed with ASD triggered by the job hunting activities. He attended a support center for handicapped people's employment. Initially, he had no interpersonal skills, showed persisting tendencies, and displayed his emotions. The training included role-playing, learning of business manner, and practice of greetings and interviews.
Finally, he eagerly wanted to find employment in a district where he used to live when he was a child although he didn't worry about the type of occupation. One year later, he was employed by a private company after internship. This case showed that choosing a place of employment led to a motivation to get employment.
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