Mapping Mindsets: Connecting Culture, Brain, and Genes

[Speaker] Kitayama, Shinobu:1
1:University of Michigan (United States of America)

Cultural psychology of the last two decades has taken a macroscopic view of culture and shown sizable variations in self, cognition, emotion, and motivation across different cultural groups, focusing largely on individuals with European heritage and those with Asian heritage. More recently, researchers have extended this work by exploring1) evolutionary and historical origins of the large-scale psychological differences observed today, 2) brain instantiation of these differences, and 3) involvement of both genetic and epigenetic processes in shaping the culturally variable mindset. In the present talk I will give an overview of this emergent area of research, with a focus on our work that addresses cultural variation in brain processes, broad eco-geographical origins of this variation, and likely participation of dopamine-system genes in shaping this variation.
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