Motion parallax threshold for discontinuous surface perception

[Speaker] Shiraiwa, Aya:1
[Co-author] Hayashi, Takefumi:2
1:Tottori University (Japan), 2:Kansai University (Japan)

When the depth from motion parallax is perceived, the depth magnitude is sometimes underestimated. Therefore, several factors, such as head movement (Ono & Steinbach, 1990), temporal integration effect (Hosokawa et al., 2013), and pursuit eye movement (Nawrot & Joyce, 2006) have been previously considered. We reported the possibility of depth underestimation when participants detected the discontinuity of the perceived surface (Shiraiwa & Hayashi, 2014). In the experiment, we used moving random dot patterns, from which step-like surfaces consisting of plates are perceived. The relative motion velocity between the plates and the width of the plates were varied, and the motion parallax threshold for discontinuous surface perception was investigated. Experimental results showed that these parameters affect depth perception. Moreover, the relation between discontinuous detection and perceived depth magnitude from motion parallax was determined.
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