Study on Addiction from Approach to Playing Games on Smartphones

[Speaker] Miyamoto, Koki:1
[Co-author] Kato, Shogo:1, Ito, Hiromi:2, Ito, Ryuichi:2
1:Hosei University graduate school of Science and Engineering (Japan), 2:Hosei University Faculty of Science and Engineering (Japan)

Recently, many Japanese play games on their smartphones. They can play these games for free, but they can also pay money for these games in order to gain an advantage. Due to this system, some players pay too much money and they become unable to make a living. These people develop severe social problems. In this study, we surveyed the reasons that respondents pay money for these games despite the fact that they can play for free. Our questions included whether they have or haven't paid for games, the reasons for paying to play, the amount of money they spend on these games and so on. The results of research showed that many players who continuously pay much money for social games have problems with money and in their lives. The "Concorde effect" can explain this personal behavior.
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