Analysis of the relationship between belongingness and investment cost in a hobby community

[Speaker] Oto, Tomoko:1
[Co-author] Komatsu, Kyoko:1, Niida, Sumaru:1
1:KDDI R&D Labs (Japan)

The purpose of our research is to answer the research question: what is the main factor promoting high community activity in community members?
In our research, we assumed that the investment cost influences belongingness, and we analyzed the relationship between belongingness and the influence of investment cost on people who belong to a hobby community.
We conducted a web survey with 1036 participants (518 males, 518 females) from a web survey via a research company who belong to some hobby community. We performed cluster analysis using the belongingness of community members (R. Algesheimer et al., 2005).
In addition, they were divided into four groups. From this, we found a weak correlation between belongingness and financial investment or frequency of communication. Consequently, our research demonstrated that a person who invests significantly in a community in terms of both money and time has high levels of belongingness to the community.
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