Does thinking in a group promote creativity? : Investigation based on qualitative evaluations

[Speaker] Imamura, Yuki:1
[Co-author] Kugihara, Naoki:1
1:osaka university (Japan)

Promoting creativity nowadays becomes increasingly critical issue. The present study investigated whether thinking in a group promotes creativity of qualitative aspects.
We asked undergraduate students to generate ideas to solve a current problem in Japan with the brainstorming method, either in a nominal group condition (generating ideas in isolation) or in an interactional group condition (generating ideas in groups). Subsequently, participants in both conditions selected the idea that they thought the best. Several days later, we asked other students to evaluate these ideas.
The results showed that the nominal groups, like previous studies, generated more ideas than the interactional groups. However, the qualities of ideas were similar in the both conditions.
We discuss the limitations of the study and implications of these findings.
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