Youth' features of Social Status Perception

[Speaker] Folomeeva, Tatiana V:1
[Co-author] Fedotova, Svetlana V:1
1:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

In study a socio-psychological approach to the analysis of the phenomenon of social status as the component of the human image was implemented.
Hypothesis: the definition of the social status of another person depends on its characteristics and the characteristics of the subject of cognition.
Sample: 141 people.
Methods: questionnaire and interviews with stimulus materials (pictures/video).
Results: Social status is often a scribed on the basis of the appearance (71,4%), behavior (65,1%),the context in which the object of perception (53,3%). The assessment of social status correlates with age of the object of perception (r=0.28; p=0.01),success (r=0.63; p=0.01), income (r=0.39; p=0.01),career (r=0.44; p=0.01).People,who are attributed to a higher status, receive a more favorable attitude.During the determination of the status,first of all its belonging to a high status is checked,if its excluded from this group,the belonging or the exclusion from the low group status is checked and then from the medium group.
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