Beliefs about gender roles among adolescent students of Muktangan schools in Mumbai

[Speaker] Fernandes, Malvika E:1
[Co-author] Fernandes, Malvika:2
1:Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India), 2:Muktangan (India)

A pre-coded questionnaire was administered to 163 students, 90 boys and 71 girls, across six Muktangan schools in Mumbai to assess the beliefs and attitudes about gender roles on factors such as, family responsibility, mobility, education, nutrition, marriage and employmentamong others. Results indicate that both boys and girls show contemporary views on gender when it comes to eradicating social evils such as domestic violence and abuse. They believe both male and female gender to be equal in leadership, home and work responsibility. Although, in their own homes, they associate household responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking and child care with women while financial responsibility with men. Despite, voicing gender equality opinions, participants of both genders overwhelmingly indicate 'fathers' as the heads of the household and 'mothers' as the source of comfort to speak about 'discrimination'. This research throws light on the need to redefine the very fundamentals of gender equality.
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