Family: Experiences and meanings of adult children of same-sex couples from Puerto Rico

[Speaker] Irizarry-robles, Carol Y:1
1:University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

The objectives of this study were to: explore same-sex couples as parental figures from the perspective of their adult children; describe experiences related to being raised by a same-sex couple, their development and socialization; develop a definition of the concept family that considers their experiences and meanings; and provide a framework that serves as a reference for the development and adoption of public policy in Puerto Rico. A qualitative study using in-depth interview was designed. Seven Puerto Rican adult children of same-sex couples were interviewed. Content analysis was performed. Results suggest that, to define a family, emotional ties are more important than blood ties. The same-sex parents performed all functions that are socially attributed to family. The sexual orientation of the parents did not determine the sexual orientation or gender identity of their children. All participants favor the legal recognition and union of same-sex couples.
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