How do the wrongdoing gravity and level of publicity affect whistleblowing behavior?

[Speaker] Yoshida, Sho:1
[Co-author] Kugihara, Naoki:1
1:Osaka University (Japan)

The purpose of this study was to clarify some assumed factors to facilitate whistleblowing within a company.Participants (73 Japanese undergraduates) read one of a set of vignettes in which gravity of wrongdoing and the number of employees who know it (publicity level) were manipulated; that is, a 2 (gravity of wrongdoing) × 2 (publicity level) design was used.The experimenter asked participants to make a decision after reading the vignettes whether they would blow the whistle if they were employees in that situation.The results suggest that gravity of wrongdoing had a significant effect on whistleblowing behavior, while the publicity level did not. The implications of these results are discussed.
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