Study of Dynamics between Collective and Autobiographical Memories - A case of "Distanced Remembering" on an Assimilation Policy

[Speaker] Nohara, Miyuki:1
1:Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan)

This study is to examine how individuals reorganize their own memory of an experience when the collective memory, of which that particular experience is a part, gets reinterpreted and goes through a radical transformation.

The author in particular took up a case of "Dialect Card", a card Japanese government employed to impose a language of Japanese to the children of Okinawa in the post war time. I examined how Okinawa children, now elderlies of 70s and 80s, remember their autobiographical memories involved in the card, and narrate their experiences when the interpretation of a whole event, thus, the collective memory revolved around the card, is later regarded as an event of "politically incorrect - discriminatory".

As a result, the author observed that these elderlies narrate their experiences with "Dialect Card" extremely thinly in a "distanced" manner.
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