The Role of Gratitude between Social Support and Loneliness: Mediator or Moderator

[Speaker] He, An-ming:1
[Co-author] Hui, Qiu-ping:1
1:university (China (People's Republic of China))

To examine the mediating and moderating roles of gratitude between social support and loneliness, 528 undergraduates were selected in the study to fill out Social Support Rating Scale, Emotional and Social Loneliness Scale, Adolescent Gratitude Scale. The results indicated as follows: (1) There were significant correlations among undergraduates' social support, gratitude and loneliness, social support had both direct and indirect influences on loneliness, while the indirect effect was through the medication of gratitude; (2) Gratitude didn't play as a moderator, undergraduates' gratitude couldn't significantly change the intensity and direction of relation between social support and loneliness.
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