Effects of collage execution in a group and subsequent sharing activity on participants' mood change and affiliative behavior

[Speaker] Takeuchi, Itsuko:1
[Co-author] Terasaki, Masaharu:1, Takei, Yuko:1, Kadota, Masako:2
1:Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare (Japan), 2:Kurashiki City College (Japan)

This study aimed to verify the effects of a series of collage execution in a group and the subsequent sharing activity on the participants' moods and their affiliative behavior towards others. Eighty-eight university students and graduate students gathered and formed themselves in groups of four. The 22 groups were assigned execution of collage (experimental groups), or travel planning (control groups). After the assignments were completed, half of the experimental groups and half of the control groups were provided with the sharing activity. Consequently, the participants showed higher positive affects and lower negative affects after the assignments both in the experimental groups and the control groups. The provision of sharing was found to further promote the participants' positive affects and reduce their negative affects in both groups. In the experimental groups, more significant affiliative behavior to other participants was observed during the sharing activity after collage execution.
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