Measuring Mindfulness in Daily Life

[Speaker] Blanke, Elisabeth S:1
[Co-author] Brose, Annette:1
1:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)

Mindfulness has been described as an attentional quality that encompasses different facts, including non-judgmental acceptance of thoughts and feelings and acting with awareness. Whereas there are various trait mindfulness self-report measures that encompass these different facets, state mindfulness has mostly been conceptualized and measured unidimensionally. Based on established multidimensional trait measures, we therefore developed the Multidimensional State Mindfulness Questionnaire (MSMQ) to capture four mindfulness dimensions at both the state and the trait level: act with awareness, non-judgmental acceptance, present-moment attention, and non-reactivity. To test this factor structure, we collected data from 70 university students (20-30 years of age) using an experience-sampling technology. Multilevel confirmatory factor analyses could corroborate three dimensions at both levels of analysis. For both conceptual and empirical reasons, non-reactivity was dropped from the model. This study provides convincing evidence that state mindfulness is multi-dimensional, and we expect new insights from this more fine-grained approach to mindfulness.
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