Delay discounting: a changing state or a stable personality trait?

[Speaker] Malesza, Marta:1
1:University of Warsaw (Poland)

Discounting paradigm refers to the decision making process. Delay discounting is the decline in the present value of a reward (or loss) with delay to its receipt. Although delay discounting is clearly related to some personality characteristics, there has been little formal consideration of whether delay discounting itself might be considered a trait. In one study, participants answered questions about money, and in separate questions, about consumable commodities (e.g. food). A positive correlations between the degree of delay discounting for one outcome, and the degree of discounting for other outcomes were found. Moreover, another research suggests that delay discounting may prove to be a beneficial target for therapeutic attempts to produce global reductions in impulsivity related to delay discounting. Along with additional evidence reviewed, the results obtained suggest that the degree of sensitivity to delayed outcomes is a stable personality trait.
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