The Relationship of Fear of Anger to Self-compassion and Self-criticism.

[Speaker] Hayashi, Tatsuya:1
1:International Christian University (Japan)

There is increasing evidence that self-compassion (Neff, 2003) buffers negative emotional states such as depression, anxiety and worry. However, attitude toward negative emotions was not empirically tested about its relation to self-compassion and self-criticism. The purpose of present study is to test the hypothesis that fear of anger, which is suggested important in development and improvement of depression, mediates the negative relationship between self-compassion and self-criticism. College students (N = 155) completed the Japanese version of Self-Compassion Scale (SCS-J) and Muller Anger Coping Questionnaire (MAQ). On contrary to the prediction, the correlation between self-compassion and fear of anger was not statistically significant. However, analysis revealed that fear of anger was negatively correlated with self-criticism even when controlling self-compassion. These findings may suggest that not only compassion but also fear of anger should be addressed to treat self-criticism.
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