Altruistic investment as a personal networking strategy

[Speaker] Mararitsa, Larisa V:1
[Co-author] Sventsitskiy, Anatoly L:1, Pochebut, Ludmila G:1, Kazantseva, Tatyana V:1
1:Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia)

The research is focused on one of the personal strategies of building relationships with social surroundings. These strategies appear in all contexts of communication and generate effects beyond the personal network. Altruistic investment is a prosocial strategy aimed on social capital accumulating. Each strategy is based on personal values, reflects person's idea of a desired state of social network and affects behavior. The series of five studies confirmed prior hypothesis that altruistic investment is based on values of benevolence and universalism and performed in personal focus on common good and personal readiness to help others selflessly. The results show the correctness of integrating found criteria in one behavioral strategy, which is positively correlated with range and number of contacts in personal virtual social network. Another proof of the completeness of strategy description is that social representations of altruism match the criteria of altruistic investment formulated by us.
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