The Differential Effectiveness of the Colombian Education System

[Speaker] Rodríguez, Olga R:1
1:Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)

Research on school effect and its scientific properties constitutes an important topic in the area of school effectiveness. The scientific properties of school effect are consistency, stability, continuity and differential effectiveness; the latter reports on school effectiveness for different groups of students. In accordance with this line of research, this study estimates the differential effectiveness in the subjects of math and language according to sociocultural and socioeconomic level, gender, ethnicity and disabilities of students. With this purpose, a sample of 1,131 fifth grade schools, 997 ninth grade schools and 5,976 eleventh grade schools, for a total of 512,620 students, was analyzed. By using three-level multilevel models (department, school and student), statistically significant differences for all variables are found, evidencing the differential effectiveness of the Colombian education system and the inequality in the country. Based on this result, reflections on technical, educational and social aspects are proposed.
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