Short- and long-term storage components in working memory

[Speaker] Velichkovsky, Boris B:1
1:Moscow State University (Russia)

In a mental counters task in which a reaction is to be given for each third presentation of a shape (N=8), WM load, complexity of the counting and the time delay since last presentation of a shape were manipulated. ANOVAs run on accuracy and RT data revealed that load and time delay interacted (p<0.05) in that time delay led to more forgetting for the load of 6 counters as compared to 4 counters. In a symbolic n-back task, WM load (1-, 2-, 3-back), symbol comparison complexity and interference between to be remembered symbols were manipulated (N=3). ANOVAS revealed that WM load and interference interacted (p<0.01) with RT being lower in the 3-back condition with high interference. These data suggest the existence of two WM storage components differently sensible to manipulation of processing complexity and long-term forgetting through time decay and interference.
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