Understanding gender to strengthen the role of HRM process on employee participation and job performance: An empirical study in public sector organisations

[Speaker] Indrayanti, Indrayanti:1
1:Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia)

Human resource management (HRM) process approach highlights the importance of psychological processes through which HRM practices are delivered to employees. This study is aimed to examine the role of HRM process on the relationship between employee participation and job performance from a gender perspective. The empirical study was conducted by a multi-actor method that collected data from 432 employees and 72 supervisors in Indonesia public sector organisations. Data was analysed using mixed model linear regression analysis. The result shows that male and female employees develop a reverse mechanism in HRM process (i.e. distinctiveness) that tends to create conflicting outcomes each other. High distinctiveness on employee participation would increase job performance for a male employee but at the same time it would decrease job performance for the female and vice versa.
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