Effect of the learning process on school-to-work transition.

[Speaker] Shiah-hou, Hsin-peng:1
[Co-author] Tsai, Chin-lun:2, Lin, Linting-chun:1
1:Dept. of Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University. (Taiwan), 2:Department of Psychology, Fu Jen Catholic Universit (Taiwan)

The school-to-work transition and competence development are affected by unemployment resulting from the overeducation and the competence gap between learning and practice.
In this study, Participants were one- to three-year college graduates.The process of school-to-work transition was divided into two stages, competence development and the transition stage. In the first stage, under a mediating cognitive effect of career expectations, learning perspective affects knowledge characteristics (of six types). In the second stage, the effect of knowledge characteristics on school-to-work transition and career satisfaction is determined by educational environment characteristics (of four types).
The study results indicated that all hypothesis has being supported, also indicated that such employment issues as the education-job mismatch and learning-practice gap continue to be systemic problems. Processes related to school-to-work transition require a series of studies. Moreover, school policies should aim to consolidate school resources in each sector and provide career planning for different colleges.
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