Social Cultural influences on worker mental model: one organization, different minds

[Speaker] Quezada, Ariel:1
1:Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Chile)

On 1991, Hazel Rose Markus and Shinobu Kitayama made the first formal description about how culture shapes the self of individuals on emotion, motivation and cognition, distinguishing two main points of view of the mind: Interdependent construal and Independent construal.
Today research on Cultural Psychology is extended on several specific topics e.g. emotional expressions, cultural neuroscience, gene-culture interaction, Etc. One of these topics is interested on comparisons across a variety of other social distinctions, including social economic status (SES) and educational attainment.
Our research tries to show the differences and diversity of people who work together in an organization. Specifically, our data with military, hospital and mining samples show differences on mental model of people in the same workplace. This mental models are the key to understand different perceptions, emotions ideas and values, and give a conceptual framework to reach successfully plans on safety, training, career and well-being at work.
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