Why Sense of Relatedness Promotes Academic Engagement in a Collectivist Setting: The Mediating Role of Academic Motivation

[Speaker] Mateo, Nino Jose:1
[Co-author] Ouano, Jerome A:1, Datu, Jesus Alfonso D:2, Yuen, Mantak:2
1:De La Salle University, Manila Philippines (Philippines), 2:The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Relatedness is known to play a role in many aspects of human development, and has been the focus of previous research. Very few of these investigations have examined the possible connection of relatedness with parents, teachers, and friends to his or her academic engagement in a collectivist setting. The study reported here, involving five hundred twenty seven Filipino secondary school students, helped to address this empirical gap. The association of the sense of relatedness of students with parents, teachers, and friends with academic engagement and the mediating effects of academic motivation were also explored. Structural equation modeling revealed that sense of relatedness with parents and friends was positively associated with behavioral and emotional engagement due to the mediating impact of autonomous and controlled motivation. The findings are discussed in the context of developing culturally sensitive psychological interventions that may boost academic engagement in collectivist cultures.
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