Relation between Personality Traits and Basic Psychological Need with Academic Engagement

[Speaker] Richaud, María C:1
[Co-author] Mesurado, Belén:1
1:Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina)

Previous studied have suggested that individual difference variables can be used to explain not only variance in academic performance, but also the processes by which traits influence examination outcomes. Drawing on the Five-Factor Model of personality traits by McCrae & Costa, 2003 and Self-Determination Theory by Deci & Ryan, 2000, the present study examines whether personality traits and satisfaction of basic psychological needs are associated with academic engagement. One hundred seventy one Argentinean students M age= 20.07; SD = 1.05; 70 males 40.94‰ participated in this study by completing Ten-Item Personality Inventory by Gosling, et al., 2003, Ryan and Deci's Basic Need Satisfaction Scale, and Utrecht Study Engagement Scale by Schaufeli et al., 2002. We carried out Block lineal regressions to test our objectives. The results have shown that both personality traits and basic psychological needs are associated in a positive way with academic engagement explaining 23% of the variance
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