Work Engagement and Job Burnout: The Role of Social Axioms in a Job Demands-Resources Framework

[Speaker] Valencia, Marshall:1
[Co-author] Hemalatha, Krishnan:1
1:University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (Malaysia)

The Job Demands-Resources model predicts job burnout and work engagement through two independent processes: health impairment and motivational processes. We extended the model by incorporating social axioms as a mediator. Social axioms are people's general beliefs how the world functions. We considered two types, social cynicism and reward for application. We tested a moderated mediation model using a sample of 342 employees from Malaysia. Results showed that social cynicism mediated the relationship between job demands and job burnout while rewards for application mediated the relationship between job resources and work engagement. Job demands did not moderate the job resources-engagement link. However, job resources moderated the job demands-burnout link. Job resources in the form of voice, performance feedback, and supervisor support significantly moderated the demands-burnout relationship. The findings are discussed in terms of the importance of individual social beliefs as underlying mechanisms in the links between workplace characteristics and work outcomes.
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