Road Safety of older drivers: knowledge base and recommendations

[Speaker] Holte, Hardy:1
1:Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) (Germany)

As mobility is an essential condition to fully participate in social life and to improve health and life satisfaction, it is a central social concern to ensure safe mobility of older people as long as possible. It is well known that age alone does not increase the accident risk of older road users. Safe Mobility of the elderly depends largely on environmental conditions and on personal factors. In a first step this presentation focuses on the empirical knowledge on risk potentials (e.g. performance impairments, specific illnesses, multimorbidity) and safety potentials (e.g. experience, attitudes, compensation strategies) of older road users based on German and international studies. In a second step promising road safety measures are recommended. In general there is no need for an age-based obligatory aptitude testing, since this does not provide any safety benefits as several international studies reveal.
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