Predictors of future driving status and crash involvement in Japanese older drivers

[Speaker] Kosuge, Ritsu:1
1:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan)

I report results obtained from a prospective study on Japanese older drivers conducted recently as a part of a project of the National Research Institute of Police Science. About 170 active drivers aged 70 years and older at baseline participated in a baseline and follow-up study. The baseline study included a questionnaire, the Useful Field of View® test, and a cognitive test. Subsequently, on request, some participants received written feedback regarding their test results. In the follow-up study conducted about 2 years later, the participants were asked about their driving status via telephonic interviews. Further, only those who were active drivers at follow-up completed a questionnaire and the functional tests. Using a multinominal logistic regression analysis, the predictors of future driving status and crash involvement were examined. Finally, I discuss how the countermeasures for older drivers in Japan and the participants' self-regulatory behaviour might have influenced these results.
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