Cultural moderation of physiological responses during emotion regulation among young children

[Speaker] Karasawa, Mayumi:1
1:Tokyo Woman's Christian University (Japan)

Many studies suggestthat various aspects of emotion regulation across behavioral, psychological, and neuroendocrine subsystems develop rapidly in early childhood.Cultural differences in behavioral factors related to regulation have been found, but the relationships of these factors to physiological substrates have not been examined. We collected multi-level behavioral and physiological data from 4 year-old children in China, US and Japan using an effortful control task. Structural Equitation Modeling was used to identify predictors of a physiological stress response (increased cortisol secretion) during effortful control. Whereas among American children temperament was major determinant of the stress response among Japanese perspective taking predicted the stress response. These results suggested that correlates of emotion regulation are different across cultural contexts.
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