Safety education: Producing a road hazard map in the higher grades of elementary school

[Speaker] Ogawa, Kazuhisa:1
1:Tohoku Institute of Technology (Japan)

A safety education program that produces a regional road hazard map is introduced; the implementation thereof is based on the principles of active learning and coaching techniques with emphasis on self-development and being learner-centered. In the program, school children aged 9-12 identify dangerous intersections and roads around their school on a map and share information on hazardous situations. The children also predict hazardous events using video images of the intersections that they cross when commuting to school. In groups, they discuss what kinds of behavior are relevant to reduce the risk of vehicle collisions. The objective thereof is to put "Stop, Look, and Check" into place, which may specifically improve cognitive and behavioral skills. An evaluation of the program is discussed on the basis of empirical data.
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