Practical issues of road safety education for young children

[Speaker] Ohtani, Akira:1
1:Japan Automobile Research Institute (Japan)

Road safety education should be conducted continually from childhood in order to prevent children from being involved in accidents and encourage them to become safe drivers in the future. In Japan, road safety education for children has been conducted from the 1930's and contributes to reducing children's road accidents. However, road safety education for children should be conducted more effectively and efficiently in order to further reduce children's accidents. This presentation shows the influences of Japanese traditional road-crossing training on children's road checking behaviors in a learning setting. The presentation introduces continuous road safety education including both peer-learning and role-playing techniques for the higher-grade students in primary school to acquire social skills and safe road-crossing behavior. From the developmental and educational psychological points of view, the author shows a scheme of structured and systematized educational programs for children's road safety.
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