A study on the crimes against women and children in Sri Lanka.

[Speaker] Wijesinghe Mudiyanselage, Dhanapala:1
1:University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

This research is concerned with a contemporary issue of rising rates of serious crimes perpetrated against women and children in Sri Lanka. This phenomenon required a criminological explanation to identify the causal factors and to understand crime prevention and control measures to be taken. A research study was conducted on one hundred cases of purposive sample of serious crimes committed against women and children in 2014. Data were collected from the secondary sources of crime investigation reports and primary sources of families and neighbors of those victims by means of observation and interviews. Findings conclude that women and children had become easy targets of criminals as a result of the collapse of traditional kinship system including the extended family and its main social function of protecting them.Victims had not been properly protected. Accordingly a new system of crime-target hardening is required to be adopted as a long lasting solution.
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