Transsexual People in Japan and Suicidal Behavior.

[Speaker] Ishimaru, Keiichiro:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Transsexual people in Japan now can change their registered sex by a law made in 2003, only if they undergo sex reassignment surgery(SRS). This is not enough to reduce their minority stress in Japan. Suicide is considered to be a serious problem among them. The purpose of this study is to investigate the suicidal behavior among transsexual people in Japan. The participants are 1,138 consecutive outpatients at a psychiatry clinic in Tokyo who were diagnosed as transsexualism by an experienced psychiatrist. They were asked about suicidal thought and behavior in the first interviews. The proportion of people having a history of attempted suicide is 9.1% for female to male(FTM), and 14.0% for male to female(MTF). Majority of them ever had suicidal ideation (57.1% for FTM and 71.2% for MTF). While Japan has less religious culture, the poorer mental health of MTFs is similar to that in Western countries.
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