Same-Sex Parented Families in the United States: Unique Pathways, Strengths and Challenges

[Speaker] Sweeney, Kristin K:1
1:Clark University (United States of America)

Same-sex couples are increasingly becoming parents in the United States within the context of a changing legal landscape, continued homophobia, and growing visibility of LGBT people. This presentation will review current research on same-sex parented families, and their unique strengths and challenges. Adoption, donor insemination, and surrogacy are common family-building routes for same-sex couples, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Same-sex parents are similar to heterosexual parents with regards to the social, psychological, and academic outcomes of their children. However, same-sex parents have some unique strengths, such as strong communication and more equality in their divisions of labor. They also tend to value acceptance toward gender and racial diversity in their children. Same-sex parents also face challenges; in particular, they face homophobia from adoption agencies, schools, and employers. In addition to reviewing current research, this presentation will also touch on implications for psychologists working with same-sex parented families.
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