Aspects impeding affirmative practices and comparison of multi-dimensional gender / consciousness of transgenders

[Speaker] Shivakumar, Seemanthini T:1
1:Kasturba Medical College (India)

Transgender identity affirmative practices are much debatable in Indian cultural context as there are no proven effective strategies. Despite, the legal stance of recognizing the transgender identity as Third gender, progressive outcomes are limited. The current mixed method research conducted on Twenty Transgender participants revealed the Isolation experienced due to shifting away from primary family either transiently or permanent, psychological isolation, social stigmas preventing the seeking of affirmation from the mental health professionals. Knowing the transgender identity experience is crucial by comparing with the female gender identity as it helps in developing a better affirmative strategy. The multidimensional gender consciousness i.e., tendency to be aware of other's reactions to aspects one's own particular gender, tendency to be personally aware of gender related phenomena about oneself and society of Transgenders significantly differed with Women.
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