Awareness and Attitudes towards Gender/Sexual Minorityamong Psychiatry and Psychological Counseling Practitioners

[Speaker] Xin, Ying:1
[Co-author] Haoning, Xu:1
1:Beijing LGBT Center (China (People's Republic of China))

In order to better understand the recognitions and attitudes of the psychiatrists and mental counselors toward LGBT people, so as to better promote the work of depathologization of homosexuality, the Beijing LGBT Center conducted a relevant survey among 996 practitioners all over China. The analysis of the survey shows that, a large part of the participants hold an "acceptable" attitude toward the sexual minorities; and also, a considerable part of them demonstrate negative recognition of and implicit prejudice against them; moreover, the numbers of those who support the sexual conversion therapy exceed to a considerable extent that of those who oppose. The investigation also found that the way of training on sexual diversity is explicitly contributive to make changes to improve positively their attitude toward LGBT people and consequentially to lessen the severity of conversion therapy; thus, it is necessary to build and improve the network of such trainings.
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