Building a Psychology for LGBT Rights & Well-being: The Experience of Research & Teaching in the Philippines

[Speaker] Manalastas, Eric Julian:1
[Co-author] Torre, Beatriz A:1
1:University of the Philippines (Philippines)

This paper presents updates on ongoing work for an LGBT-inclusive psychology in the Philippines, focusing on initiatives in research production and in academic teaching. We situate this narrative account based on our insider experiences in coordinating a capacity-building project for Filipino LGBT psychology from 2010 to 2016. We discuss two key achievements in advancing the field of LGBT psychology in the Philippines: (1) the publication of two landmark special LGBT issues of the Philippine Journal of Psychology in 2013 and in 2016, and (2) the creation and delivery of a stand-alone LGBT psychology elective course in three campuses of the University of the Philippines. These milestones in research and teaching are among the first in Southeast Asia. An analysis of the enabling conditions, particularly in capacity building, as well as an assessment of impact and lessons learned will be presented.
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