Public Attitudes Toward LGBT Issues in Contexts of Schools, Workplace and Cyberspace in China

[Speaker] Shen, Li:1,3
[Co-author] Chang, Te-sheng:2,3
1:Peking University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan), 3:American Psychological Association (United States of America)

This study reviewed literature about public attitudes toward LGBT-related issues in China, summarized the basic situation, characteristics and research results of public attitudes in schools, workplace and cyberspace. It also included investigation of university students' attitude in China mainland towards interpersonal relationship of gay and lesbian peers, and compare the attitude differences between male and female students.

A sample of 328 heterosexual undergraduates was surveyed in this research. Two self-developed scales were used, each has three dimensions of attitudes: Friendship, Love and Sympathy.

On dimension of Friendship, all students reported more positive attitude toward gay peers than lesbian peers. However on dimension of Love, all students indicated more positive attitude toward lesbian peers than gay peers. Meanwhile, male and female students reported no significantly different attitude on dimensions of Friendship, Love and Sympathy.

The implications of these findings for future research, programming, institutional support systems, and institutional policies are discussed.
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