The reality Chinese international students are facing during acculturation to Japan and how to best support them

[Speaker] Aoki, Kikuyo:1
1:Ochanomizu University (Japan)

The number of international students continue to grow in Japan. Among them, Chinese students constitute about half. Studies have found that Chinese students tend to experience acculturation difficulties in Japan (Ge, 2007). Therefore, how to best support international students from China has become an important question for many academic institutions in Japan. To answer this question, this author conducted a study that investigated mental health of Chinese international students in Japan as well as other factors that are related to their mental health.
In this presentation, the presenter will speak about mental health of Chinese international students in Japan measured by the School Mental Health Questionnaire (Aoki, 2007). The effect of adult attachment style on their psychosocial adjustment based on upon a previous study (Wang & Mallinckrodt, 2006) will also be discussed. Lastly, the presenter will discuss the relationship between mental health and acculturation among Chinese international students in Japan.
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