Thematic Session

Effect of satisfaction with destination activity on children's satisfaction with travel

[Speaker] Taniguchi, Ayako K:1
[Co-author] Xu, Xin:1, Friman, Margareta:2, Waygood, Owen:3, Olsson, Lars:2
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan), 2:Karlstad University (Sweden), 3:University Laval (Canada)

Satisfaction with travel (ST) is known as an important psychological factor that can be affected on life satisfaction. Prior literatures indicated that travel mode, companion(s) and trip purpose also would affect it. However, even if trip purpose is same (e.g. commuting), different people will have a different feeling. It depends on they love their work or not. Thus there is a possibility that satisfaction with destination activity (SDA) plays an important role in ST rather than trip purpose.
In this study, authors investigated relationships between ST, travel mode, companion(s) and SDA targeting 10-11 years old children in Japan (n=1,070). The results showed that cognitive evaluation of travel, one kind of the ST, was affected by SDA significantly and strongly. The results also suggested that active travel dummy (walk and cycling) had a negative effect, and the trip with friend had a positive effect on cognitive evaluation with travel.
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