Thematic Session

Can I live the life I want? Travel and Perceived Accessibility

[Speaker] Lättman, Katrin:1
[Co-author] Friman, Margareta:1, Olsson, Lars E:1
1:CTF/SAMOT Karlstad university (Sweden)

This presentation focuses perceived accessibility; which is defined as the possibilities and ease of engaging in preferred activities using different transport modes. Perceived accessibility captures subjective travel experiences, and is closely related to subjective wellbeing. A measurement tool for perceived accessibility, the PAC, is tested and validated. Empirical results show that perceived service quality, feelings of safety, and age are important for perceived accessibility.
Furthermore, perceived accessibility is discussed as a potential indicator of social inclusion. For many people, being able to live the life they want, e.g. experiencing ease of doing daily activities and having access to preferred activities, may be equally important as objective measures of accessibility to social inclusion, but these choices and routes are not captured with conventional accessibility-measures.
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