Thematic Session

Daily Travel and Subjective Wellbeing

[Speaker] Olsson, Lars E:1
1:Karlstad University, Sweden (Sweden)

Researchers around the world have started to place emphasis on the influence of travel on human functioning and wellbeing. In 2010 we presented and published a conceptual model of potential wellbeing effects of travel and travel conditions based on previous findings in research on happiness, subjective wellbeing and daily travel. During the past 6 years we have tested this model empirically in about 20 different projects on adults and children, for different modes, different travel contexts, different locations, and in different countries. The presentation will summarise the findings, present new evidens and highlight the relationships found between travel and travel conditions, daily activities and subjective wellbeing. It will be shown that daily travel and happiness is strongly related and needs to be taken seriously, both from a public policy perspective, but perhaps even more importantly at the individual level when deciding about personal travel and daily activities in life.
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