Cognitive process of speech exposure in social anxiety disorder

[Speaker] Shirotsuki, Kentaro:1
[Co-author] Kodama, Yoshio:2, Adachi, So-ichiro:3
1:Faculty of Human Sciences, Musashino University (Japan), 2:Tokorozawa Mental Clinic (Japan), 3:Clinic Adachi (Japan)

In the psychological treatment of social anxiety disorder (SAD), exposure to speech tasks is often used for the improvement of SAD symptoms. Therefore, it is important to comprehend the cognitive process of speech situation precisely. In the present study, we examined the hypothesized model in speech tasks that cost bias might influence high anxiety and secondarily negative self-perception of speech performance. Participants were 44 Japanese patients with SAD. Exposure sessions were conducted in cognitive behavior program of SAD. The results of path analysis showed the good fit to the data (Goodness of Fit Index=.971, Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index=.857, Root Mean Square Error of Approximation=.083). Path coefficients from cost bias to subjective anxiety and self-perception had significant effects. From these findings, it was suggested that the reduction of cost bias might be effective to improve excessive high anxiety and negative self-perception in speech exposure.
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