The analysis of the cultural dynamics. Re.Cri.Re methodological framework

[Speaker] Veltri, Giuseppe A:1
1:University of Leicester (United Kingdom)

In this presentation, we will present the methodological framework underpinning the Re.Cri.Re project. One of the key parts of this study is the longitudinal mapping of semantic fields - during the economic crisis period - of a number of topics and relate them to geographical areas in Europe. We approach cultural dynamics in terms of the evolution of semantic relationships in a representational space that is identified by means of latent semantic analysis. We combine survey and textual data from media sources to obtain a diachronic and synchronic understanding of the social representations related to a number of highly relevant societal issues such as immigration, health and wellbeing, racism, etc. This approach, which merges theoretical and methodological approaches of public opinion and cultural psychology research, will be discussed also in the context of future development and use of other sources (e.g. online data).
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