Environmental perception of cultural dynamics and semantic meaning attribution

[Speaker] Kharlamov, Nikita A:1
1:Aalborg University (Denmark)

Everyday human environments such as city space or workplace environment are saturated with various objects. Some of them contain encoded semantic messages (e.g., advertising displays) and others invite semantic meaning attribution (e.g., a religious symbol worn by a person). We connect post-Gibsonian ecological psychology and research on attentional capture, and use data from walk along and mobile eyetracking components of ReCriRe project. We discuss the interaction of lower-level attentional and perceptual processes, and higher-level social cognitive and cultural representational processes, as they occur in natural everyday environment. This discussion sheds light on how cultural meaning fields translate into basic perception, and guide meaning attribution and affective relations to the environment and to social others, particularly when the other is perceived through the lens of cultural difference that develops along the facets of perceived crisis.
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