Japanese version of Responsibility Attitude Scale and Responsibility Interpretations Questionnaire

[Speaker] Ishikawa, Ryotaro:1
1:University of Tokyo (Japan)

Inflated responsibility attitude and interpretation are a central beliefs in cognitive model of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This study aimed to develop Japanese versions of the Responsibility Attitude Scale (RAS-J) and Responsibility Interpretation Questionnaire (RIQ-J). 98 participants (OCD group = 37; anxiety control group = 24; healthy control group = 37) completed the RAS-J, RIQ-J and other measures to assess the validity of the RAS-J and RIQ-J. As a result of analysis, both scales had adequate concurrent validity, demonstrated by significant correlations with other measures of OCD, anxiety and depression. Group comparison data using ANOVA with Bonferroni method indicated that RAS-J and RIQ-J scores for the OCD group not only differed from the nonclinical group, but also from the clinically anxious comparison group. This study indicated that the developed RAS-J and RIQ-J effectively measure responsibility attitude and responsibility interpretationin Japanese population.
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