Psychological support of women in prenatal diagnostics

[Speaker] Odintsova, Veronika V:1
[Co-author] Konoplyannikov, Alexander:2, Songolova, Ekaterina:3, Nikiforova, Alina:3
1:Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), 2:Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) (Russia), 3:Scientific Research Institute of Healthcare Organization and Medical Management of Moscow Department of Healthcare (Russia)

Congenital and hereditary diseases rank second in structure of perinatal morbidity and mortality in Russia. Non-invasive prenatal testing of main genetic diseases appeared in 2011 and enhanced the capabilities of prenatal diagnostics in the early stages of pregnancy. OBJECTIVES: to study the attitude of pregnant women to different methods of prenatal diagnostics, difficulties during informing pregnant women on fetal diagnostics. RESULTS: We have examined pregnant women who were diagnosed with a genetic disease of the fetus. Invasive procedures create additional stress for pregnant women, and in some cases can not be performed. Women are afraid to undergo invasive procedures due to insufficient psychological support and lack of motivation to use NIPT. Relation between anxiety and awareness levels was established, and between the nature of interaction with the medical and social service and health care provider. There is a need to develop medical and social support for pregnant women.
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