Attractiveness of tourist sites in Nara using the Travel Photo Method: Comparison of Western and Asian tourists.

[Speaker] Hayashi, Yoshifumi:1
1:Osaka International University (Japan)

This study aimed to measure the attractiveness of Nara to the tourist using the Travel Photo Method (TPM). TPM is a new technique based on a projective method. Many previous studies regarding tourist destination attractiveness revealed their attributes by the use of questionnaires, but this research method has some limitations. Therefore, this study was conducted to overcome those limitations. Twenty-six Western tourists, twenty-eight Asian tourists and twenty-five Japanese tourists were requested to show 10 photos which represent their travel in Nara and to categorise those photos according to original categories. The analysis of the travel photos revealed the following: (1) Western tourists have a tendency to take photos of buddhist buildings and statues of Buddha, and (2) Asian tourists have a tendency to take photos of plants, trees, shops and foods. Western tourists find some values for traditional Japanese culture and Asian tourists find some values for relaxation and pleasure.
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