Effects of Walking in Japanese Botanic Garden between Summer and Autumn on Psychological Aspects

[Speaker] Hatakeyama, Akifumi:1
1:Health Sciences University of Hokkaido (Japan)

The purpose of this study is to research the effects of walking in the botanic garden on subjects' psychological aspects. In the experiments, University students as subjects were required to answer about the impressions of walking there. Results show that the forests including brown and red color in addition to mainly green one make subjects feel more beautiful, relaxing, clean, comfortable, and healed. It was discussed that: this study was conducted between the beginning of August and November, so that the study was included states of plants changing according to the weather; because they could see both green, brown, and red leaves, there seemed to be a lot of subjects' images of "forest". In the future study, under conditions of walking in the botanic gardens for the long term of every season, the detailed examination was pointed out.
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