Does hyperbaric exposure affect working memory capacity?: An investigation using Stroop tasks that differ in the proportion of congruent trials

[Speaker] Kageyama, Nozomu:1
1:Undersea Medical Center, JMSDF (Japan)

It has been reported that cognitive performance is impaired at environmental pressure exceeding 31 atmosphere absolute (ATA), and that this impairment is caused by the change in working memory capacity. However, the relationship between hyperbaric exposure and working memory capacity has not been investigated. This study investigated the effects on working memory capacity of hyperbaric environment using modified Stroop tasks differing in the proportion of congruent trials. These tasks were carried out through a simulated 31 ATA saturation dive. Six professional male divers served as participants. The amount of Stroop interference throughout the dive was not changed in spite of the proportion of congruent trials. These results indicated that the working memory capacity was not changed under the hyperbaric environment. Therefore, we suggest that impairment of cognitive performance under hyperbaric environment is not caused by deterioration of working memory capacity.
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