Yao, Xiang


July 26, 2016

The Effect of Passenger Entitlement and Passenger Verbal Aggression on Taxi Drivers' Coping and Stress: A Daily Diary Investigation

July 29, 2016

The Comparison of Surface Emotional Labor's Effect to Leaders and Peers

Effects of Affective Trait on Employees' Job Burnout and Performance

The Interpersonal Conflict and Service Sabotage Behaviors of Employees: Moderating effect of Emotional Intelligence

Newcomer Information Seeking and Innovative Behavior: The Moderating Role of Organizational Socialization Tactics

Attachment and General Life Satisfaction: The Mediation of Academic Fit

Interpersonal Adaptability and Job Satisfaction: The Mediation of Work Group Integration and Leader-Member Exchange

Over-qualification, Proactivity and Work Performance: The Moderating Role of Job Autonomy

An Effect Test of Authentic Self-Expression Intervention on Junior School Students' Creativity

Intervention Research on New Nurses' Orientation Adaptation: The Effectiveness Test of Orientation Stress Intervals

Team Identification and Team Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Team Trust and Relationship Conflict

The Relationship between Leader-Member Exchange and Incremental Innovation : a Mediated Moderation Model

Passengers Psychological Entitlement and Drivers Rule-Breaking Behaviors: The Cross-layer Moderating Effect of the use of emotion

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